Nirvana Indian restaurant in Morioka City - Nepalese curries, naan, tandoori dishes, please enjoy the taste of authentic


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June 26,2020 Information of Belly Dance

Belly Dance at Odori Branch will restart from next month.

May 08,2020 Notice of Re-Open

Nirvana Odori Branch will be Re-Open from From May 11(Monday).
Nirvana Nakanohashi Branch will be closed for some more time.

May 04,2020 Notice of temporary closed

The situation with this Corona Virus doesn’t seem to be improving anytime soon.
So both Nirvan Odori & Nirvana Nakanohashi is closed for a while.
We will inform the reopen date again on the homepage.


April 16,2020 Notice of opening hours

Due to the severe situation that is affecting the business, we have decided to finally close for dinner time at Odori Branch From 16th April - 27th April.
Nirvana Nakanohashi Branch will be open for both lunch & Dinner

【Nirvana Odori】
Dinner:Close 16th April - 27th April

【Nirvana Nakanohashi】


April 12,2020 Notice of opening hours

Belly Dance Show cancelled for April.

We are doing take out from 11:00 - 15:00 in both the nirvana branches.

March 09,2020 Notice of New Branch Opening

April 2, 2020 (Thursday), “Niirvana Nakanohashi branch” open on Nakanohashi 1-10-2-B1F in Morioka City !
On the day of the opening, Grand Opening Party will be held.
Please make reservation and buy ticket at Nirvana Odori counter or please contact No. 019-636-5777, 080-3322-5131
We look forward to your visit. Thank you for your consideration.

Open Nakanohashi

11th anniversary party

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March 09,2020 Notice of Student Lunch

Weekday lunchtime offers a special lunch set for students only.
We look forward to your visit. Thank you for your consideration.

Student Lunch
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June 17, 2019 10th Anniversary of NIRVANA

Since we opened in April 2009, this is the 10th year we are serving delicious Indian, Nepalese and Asian cuisine to our valued customers.
To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we will be introducing a lot of special offers, live events, special belly dance shows and other attractions the whole year round.
We will be updating the information on our homepage so please don’t forget to check it out.

June 17, 2019 Students LUNCH

Students discount weekdays only
Today’s lunch \500 with (naan or rice Choice)

Welcome to Nirvana of The Nepal India Food

 nolink,Taste of sticking to of home that it always wants you to taste it readily

NIRVANA the inside of the restrant

Our shop is a restaurant of the Nepal and Indian cooking.
You may call it Nepal-India-Asian dining-room.
We are cooking the same thing as the dish which Nepal and Indians are always eating in their country.
Tandoor (oven), baked in the famous Tandoor dishes, Momo-style dumplings in Nepal, many also are skilled chefs cook knows well the taste of home.
Please feel free to come anytime, much taste to Indian cuisine and Nepal, please enjoy.
We'll be waiting for you.

Many of abundant, delicate tastes that "Spicy" it is not "It is painful" spices weave.

Key factor for our taste, the variety of spices.
Optimum combination of them, mix it with various ingredients are produced all sorts of rich taste.
Our delicious spicy dish is not only "hot" food, so is one of the factors that favor to you all.

The spiciness can be adjusted to four levels, so even more spicy you want, you do not like too spicy, you can fully enjoy the flavor of your choice.We also offer children like sweet flavors.

We do not accept credit cards and only accept cash. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Please enjoy our finest curry for lunch and dinner.

Curry of boast that wants to eat every day and becomes it and delicious of Nan

Curry is our recommended menus. You can eat both lunch and dinner.The types of ingredients and spice mixture, we offer 20 different curries.Our curry is only one flavor in Morioka. It can not only shop but to eat.
Please also enjoy freshly baked tandoori naan with curry.
Nan is a sticky texture and filling.
You eat it and say, "I have never eaten such delicious Nan ever."

Lunch menu D set

First of all, eat by the lunch set.

  • The lunch menu was set filling curry and nan are recommended!
    You can choose flavored milk tea spiced yogurt and lassi.
    These are fit to drink with curry.

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